Pay Yourself First

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, sometimes it seems like your day–to–day living expenses just eat away at your entire paycheck. Before you know it, the money in your paycheck seems to vanish, and you don’t even know where it went. It’s just as important to remember that taking care of your longer-term financial goals is just as important as meeting your daily needs.
Pay Yourself First

Understanding Beneficiary Designations

Most of us think of our estate plan as our will or living trust. However, in many cases, those documents have no effect on some of your most important assets. Instead, your beneficiary designations control who will receive those assets. Always keep these important considerations in mind regarding your beneficiary designations.
10 Things to Know About Beneficiaries

Financial Strategies for Women

While many of the basic rules of investing hold true for all investors, some life events will affect women differently than they will men, and these can also have an impact on investment decisions. This article explores a few areas to consider.
Investment Considerations for Women

Saving for the Retirement Years

Preparing for retirement requires a plan, and that plan should consist of two important phases: the saving years and the retirement years. To achieve the goal of a financially secure retirement, you will have to make wise decisions during the saving phase of your plan.
Retirement Savings Strategies

Invest in Your Child’s Future

With public university costs expected to surpass $180,000 at a public university for children born in 2005, paying for a child’s education may seem nearly impossible. This article introduces you to the benefits of establishing a 529 savings plan for your children.
Advantages of 529 Savings Plan

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